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Last Updated Sunday September 23 2018 08:44 PM IST

'Stool pigeon' & 'Reid Method': how police employed scientific techniques to corner Suni

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'Stool pigeon' & 'Reid Method': how police employed scientific techniques to corner SuniPuslar Suni, Dileep Prosecution had alleged that Dileep hired Pulsar Suni to abduct and assault the actress.

Kochi: The Kerala police team probing the February 17 actress assault case used modern scientific methods to collect evidence. The case diary submitted in court to counter the accused-actor Dileep's bail plea revealed the use of 'stool pigeon' and 'Reid Method' techniques for the probe over a period of six months.

'Kavya Madhavan is my madam': Pulsar Suni's big revelation | Video

Main accused Sunil Kumar (Pulsar Suni) and his gang of goons are accused of waylaying and assaulting the actress on February 17. They filmed the assault, and claimed right from the beginning that it was done for blackmailing the actress and extorting money from her.

The police first received information about the conspiracy and 'quotation' linked to the crime on March 8. The police then proceeded to use the scientific methods to extract the truth from the accused.

The first attempt was to wreck Suni's confidence by making him believe that other culprits would protect those in remand custody. At the same time, prisoners assigned by the police or 'stool pigeons' befriended him in his cell. The conversations were recorded by the police.

The second stage was interrogation of the accused. The 'Reid Method,' used to persuade the befriended accused, was adopted. Suni and co-accused opened up as a team that included probe officers gained his confidence and made him talk freely.

Friendly 'Reid Method'

The interrogation method was developed by John E. Reid, who was the director of Chicago Police Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory. The interrogation passes through nine stages.

1. Accusing directly and making the accused deny the crime

2. Presenting all the evidence and finding justification for the accused

3. Producing evidence to demolish the claims of the accused

4. Refuting the claims of the accused in a friendly way

5. Analysis of the method of defense

6. Tactical handling if the accused doesn't co-operate

7. Presenting crime justification that looks harmless

8. Making the accused admit such reasons

9. Recording if such admission is made. Otherwise the adoption of other interrogation methods.

(Suni and other accused had confessed to the crime, before the interrogation crossed the fourth stage. Investigators indicate that Dileep became silent after a certain stage of the interrogation.)

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