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Last Updated Wednesday May 23 2018 06:30 AM IST

The call of the print

P. Kishore writes about how Self Publishing has become a boom and how publishers are minting good money out of it.

Startups begin to sit down

Ventures that are started without much fanfare, in modest surroundings, would see a steady flow of customers, while those launched in prime areas with lots of advertisements could soon wind up.

A lowdown on net release

There are some businesses that carry fancy names, but hardly make money. One of them is net release, something that film makers have been clamouring for a long time now.

Dwindling workshops and mechanics

Workshops that once repaired Fiat, Ambassador and Maruti cars are dwindling. The days of getting a quick repair done by a mechanic for a pittance on the way are passé.

Branding it right

Brand is a feeling and is associated with a set of qualities, often unsaid and undeclared.

Buffaloes are the new cash cows

Those who chose to remain in the state have now turned to another business that is similar and converts wastes to money - buffalo rearing.

Snob Tiffin, health tiffin

Tiffin companies make a killing by pampering the rich ones who think the sky will fall down if they miss one helping of protein or dietary fibre.

Refugee crisis: Europe eyes mutual benefit

As per a stereotypical notion, Malayalees, who suffer from work aversion back home, automatically transform into hard workers once they leave the State. The Malayali diaspora is known for its discipline in the workplace across the globe as they are ready to work long hours without complaining. You

The technology behind the Patel stir

Why are the Patels pitching a strike against the government in Gujarat? While some believe that the stir gets its energy from the ‘interest’ of some, it is actually a global phenomenon called Technology Displacement which is driving the stir. This is a phenomenon in which existing opportunities are

Boutique boom and subsequent 'kaboom'

The boutique business seems to be the most sought after, the most launched and the most shut-down business in Kerala. People who do not know the basics of business start boutiques that close down in one to two years. Those who have assets would escape with losses, while those who borrowed to start

It’s disruption, not change!

English is in a state of flux, and this is the age of verbs turning into nouns. Today, connect is used as a noun, and connection is outdated. There is not just a connect, but disconnect too. Some will say problematic in place of problem. In this age, even “problematic of Kerala” is not poor

Hark, it's Africa calling

No one had urged Keralites to go to Ceylon, Singapore, Burma or the Gulf. Without government help or incentives, Keralites explored lands on his/her own and set up enterprises from eateries to hyper malls in distant lands. Now, its Africa's turn to be explored. This time however, Keralites are

Capital is no longer an issue; start-ups shoot up

The start-up companies are gaining prominence at the expense of traditional trade houses who have been doing business for generations at the blink of an eye. The new business houses are establishing themselves with the investments of hundreds of crores of rupees. They don't even gain the profit in

An app that traps field staff

With the arrival of smart phones, it is hard to say when you will land in trouble. Earlier, companies did not have any means to find out where their field staff were going. There was a time when sales and marketing field staff used to report their attendance from their place of work by sending post

New corporate mantra

An IT company is laying a running track around its 30-acre campus for its desk-bound employees to stretch a leg, while another one is subsidising pedometers for its employees to count the calories they burn with each step. Almost all companies, which have their own campuses, build an indoor shuttle

Rain or shine, ice cream is hot

Some people go out of business when the rain comes. Juice, milkshake and sherbet sellers shut shop after brisk sales in the summer. But ice cream is one business that refuses to be intimidated by the monsoon. It survives the season with just a 40 per cent decline in sales.Ice creams are also an

Chinese invasion in tile business

There are many businessmen who have given up their ventures because of imports from China. People and traders need only Chinese products. Not just small businesses, even business giants in India will surrender and fold before Chinese competition. A good example of this is tile business.The current

A year of hope for business sector

As the Narendra Modi Government completes its first year in office on Tuesday, it is pertinent to note the question put forward by noted writer Shobha De when beef ban was imposed in Maharashtra and later, when the State government insisted on reserving the prime time slot for only Marathi films.

A Korean comedy & commerce

Terence Hill-Bud Spencer and Laurel-Hardy, the celebrated Hollywood comedy duos, gave us the heartiest laughs of our childhood. These days, Rogan-Franco duo rule the roost. Pineapple Express is the finest example. The comedy cousin's latest offering The Interview became a comedy

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