Marian College students turn strike day fruitful


Kuttikkanam: Muhammed Basheer, a highway police constable was on his usual patrolling duty at Kuttikkanam on the nation-wide strike day, when he noticed a group of students cleaning the signboards of Kollam-Theni National Highway. It was the National Service Scheme volunteers of Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) who took up this appreciable work on strike day.


"There were no classes. We thought of doing something other than wasting the whole day," replied Parvathy Murali, one of the volunteers, to Basheer's enquiry.

A realisation that strike day is not meant for relaxing struck this serious thought among these volunteers. Volunteers found the general strike day most apt for the cleaning work as traffic was limited. Motor Vehicle Department welcomed the initiative of the volunteers and ensured all necessary arrangements. "Appreciation can't be limited to words. This is a model to all the elders," told Mr Bijimon P H (Peerumedu Motor Vehicle Inspector) addressing the volunteers.


Thirty volunteers cleaned signboards of Kuttikkanam region for a distance of about 2 kilometres. Kuttikkanam is a famous tourist spot in Idukki district and also it is one of the main roads for Sabarimala pilgrimages from neighbouring states. The volunteers have said that, the work which was done in association with College Extension Department will be resumed on weekends.


"This is not for the first time these students are engaging in social activities on strike day" Mr Roy, one of the natives noted.