Practise these frequently asked Chemistry questions in PSC exams


Questions from the text books up to class 10 are frequently asked for the examinations conducted by the Public Service Commission. Among them, it is easier to score for the questions from the science subjects as these questions are often repetitive. While studying, try to practice the questions and the answers in both English and Malayalam.

The PSC conducts lots of exams in a calendar year. Though it is not possible to write all these exams, the candidates could practice the general knowledge, science, mathematics and language questions from these question papers. Practicing as many number of question papers would help the aspirants have an idea about the general trend of the questions and the topics as well.

For instance, in Chemistry, questions related to the periodic table and its various features are frequently asked. The charges of the neutron, proton and the electron atoms and the names of the scientists who discovered them should be remembered. Questions about the various metals, its alloys, acids, alkali and its characteristics too could be expected in the question papers.

Sample questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from Chemistry for various exams conducted by the PSC. This would help the candidates understand the pattern of the questions. The candidates could first try and answer these questions and then match them with the answers that are given in the end. Evaluate yourself and learn the correct answers of the questions that you had marked incorrect.

Who is the father of Chemistry?

Who is father of modern Chemistry?

Who invented the periodic table?

How many periods are there in the periodic table?

How many groups are there in the periodic table?

What is smallest particle in a substance?

Who discovered the proton?

Who discovered electron?

Who discovered neutron?

Who discovered the nucleus of an atom?

How many electrons could fit into an orbit?

Who presented the structure of the atom for the first time?

Which metal has the lowest density?

What is the common element that is seen in all the acids?

What acid is used in storage batteries?

What turns blue litmus red?

What is called royal liquid?

Who divided the particles into metals and alloys?

Who invented the PH scale?

What is the total sum of the neutrons and protons in an atom?


Robert Boyle

Antoine Lavoisier

Henry Mosley




Ernest Rutherford

JJ Thompson

James Chadwick

Ernest Rutherford


Neils Bohr



Sulfuric Acid


Aqua regia

Antoine Lavosier

Soren Sorenson

Mass number