Trivandrum Youth Conclave aims to leave a mark | Interview

Trivandrum Youth Conclave aims to leave a mark | Interview
The Director General of TYC Organising Committee- Gautham Arun Laxman (left.)

The two-day Trivandrum Youth Conclave (TYC) will be held at the Oxford International School on December 22 and 23.

This event aims to promote awareness among the youth about various local and global issues though focus will be on climate change, youth empowerment, improving communication skills and upbringing the local population to handle future crisis.

Discussion and debates in the Model United Nations (MUN) format will be held. Trivandrum has been selected as the venue for the conclave considering the popularity of MUN among students and other youth in the city.

The youth community from various schools and colleges across Kerala is the organiser of the conclave.

The Director General of TYC Organising Committee- Gautham Arun Laxman -- gave an exclusive interview to Onmanorama explaining the goals and organisation of the event. He urged the student community to be a part of it and contribute to social change.

Edited excerpts:

How was the conclave conceptualised?

The very thought of organising such an event came out of necessity. We, as a group of MUN enthusiasts, came to realise that the MUN circuit in Kerala needs more quality conferences with a higher level of debating to excel among the other MUN circuits. Trivandrum Youth Conclave 2019 is a small step towards achieving that higher goal.

What is TYC's motive? Who is the target audience?

TYC is a body of global-minded youth clamouring for world peace through global partnership. We work towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 as prescribed by the UN General Assembly. We work in close collaboration with other NGOs and individuals who are determined to make an impact on society.

What were the criteria for picking the organising committee members and the moderators?

If there is one word in which I could describe the organising committee of TYC 2019, that would be "vibrancy". We come from many places, many fields of discipline and many social strata - sharing one common goal: a sustainable tomorrow. Most of the committee members have been active participants in the MUN fraternity of Kerala for the past many years. In fact, the very idea of organising TYC-2019 is a brain child of some among us.

The Executive Board which will be moderating the session was selected solely on grounds of their subject knowledge as we wanted to ensure quality.

The theme of the conference is centred around climate change. Do you believe that climate change itself is the biggest challenge we face or is it just one among several other big issues?

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. All countries around the world need to reduce carbon emissions while at the same time growing their economies. Creating enough clean, secure energy for industry, transport and people’s daily lives has never been more important.

Most ideas stay within a discussion or a debate. It doesn't get implemented often. What do you think is the reason? How will TYC tackle this issue?

I totally agree. The primary reason behind this issue is the absence of a proper mechanism to follow up and monitor the ideas that are discussed within the committee.

TYC will have a proper feedback system and an efficient mechanism to share the ideas discussed in the committees with the concerned authorities and various NGOs.

Do you have any support from any organisations, NGOs, sponsors or any public figure for TYC? As we know, nothing much happens without money and societal influence.

Yes, many NGOs in and around Trivandrum have offered us voluntary and other support for the conduct of the conference.

Are there any plans for future events like this? What will the inspiration to conduct more events like this?

The successful completion of Trivandrum Youth Conclave will act as an inspiration to conduct more such conferences all across Kerala. Hopefully, TYC will have sequels in the years to come.

What is the message you would like to give to the public who are passionate to bring in a change in the society?

If you want to make a change in the society, be the change. Or the change will change you in such a way you can't change the change anymore. Let us collectively make this world a better place to live. This is our vision. TYC has been active on social media campaigning for change for quite some time. Support Trivandrum Youth Conclave- 2019.

The registration for the event is open to everyone. Students outside Trivandrum, will be provided accommodation if required.