Focused effort made Kevin the medical topper from Malabar

Focused effort made Kevin the medical topper from Malabar

As Kevin Jacob Kuruvila’s parents are doctors, medicines and the stethoscope were never unfamiliar for him. No wonder, Kevin dreamed of becoming a doctor one day and his determination saw him securing Rank 5 in the Kerala medical rank list. Kevin, who belongs to Pottammal in Kozhikode, is also the first rank holder in Malabar area.

During his high school classes, the youngster wished to become a doctor. “But I did not take such plans seriously. In Class 10, I attended coaching classes. However, the determination was lacking,” says Kevin. Still, his efforts for an MBBS seat led him to Rank 5 in Kerala. How did he make this possible? Kevin himself tells his story.

Can I make it?

“I was initially apprehensive over whether I could crack the entrance exam. But during the Plus-Two classes, the dream transformed into a determination to succeed,” says Kevin.

“After my regular classes at Devagiri CMI School, I rushed to the IPF entrance coaching centre, where I attended sessions till 7 pm. During the early stages, I found everything very difficult. However, I soon got used to the schedule and matters became smooth,” he continues.

How to study

As Kevin never preferred to spend the entire day for studies, he wondered how he could cover all the topics. “But I gradually increased the time spent for studies. Alongside, I skipped movies and other entertainments,” he explains.

“I love to study till late night and I am not an early riser,” says the topper.

“I was up till 12-1 am and felt that I could clear the entrance with hard work in my first attempt itself,” he adds.

Apart from the coaching classes, Kevin joined the distance education programme offered by Allen Career Institute in Rajasthan. “Allen’s online tests were helpful,” says Kevin.

Next stop Vellore

The topper from Kozhikode is now planning to join the MBBS course at CMC, Vellore. “I love the campus and atmosphere at Vellore. Moreover, the academic standards at Vellore are a cut above the rest,” points out Kevin.

The first rank holder from Malabar offers the following tips to candidates preparing for the entrance examinations:

Tip 1

Each student would have a ‘study method’ that is suitable for him or her. “Identify this method and diligently stick to it. Instead of studying continuously for several hours, take small breaks in between,” comments Kevin.

Tip 2

According to the topper, students should depend only on standard books. “Buying poor quality guides would do you no good. You can refer to two books on each subject. If there is any defect in one book, the other will help you out,” is Kevin’s opinion.

Tip 3

Practice is his next advice to his juniors. “Repeatedly practice model question papers of the entrance exam you will be taking. This eases out even minor careless mistakes you may commit,” points out Kevin.

Tip 4

Giving a warning on mobile phone usage, the topper says: “You don’t need to keep off the phone, but shouldn’t be addicted to it too. Otherwise, valuable time will be lost.”

Piano breaks

Whenever he takes a break from studies, Kevin heads to the piano. “Music and studies have been my life since a very young age,” he says.

Trained in piano under Pramod Reynolds of Devagiri, Kevin has cleared Grade 7 from Trinity College, London. He has taken part in inter-school competitions too.

Kevin’s parents are Rojan Kuruvila and Shalini. He has a brother, Rohit. The family lives at Villa 10, Sealord Beverly Hills, Palazhy Road, Pottammal in Kozhikode.