Youth optimistic and anxious about elections

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote

The new generation is definitely aware about the role they can play in shaping the country’s future. Nobody needs to teach them that it is their responsibility as citizens of the country to choose the worthiest candidate to guide their nation in the coming five years. They are actively debating and analysing the prospects of every candidate and each party through social media platforms. However, the young citizens also seem to be anxious about the future of the nation.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
Aishwarya Biju

Aishwarya Biju, who hails from Koothattukulam and who is a post-graduate student of Sacred Heart College, Thevara, thinks that most parties are more or less the same. The process of election for her is a farce. But she has not lost hope completely yet and wishes that the upcoming government will be one that ensures peace and tranquillity across the nation.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
Mileva M David

Mileva M David from Kottayam prefers to vote expecting a future when nobody questions her right to choose including her food habits. She dedicates her vote for India of her dreams where one doesn’t fear to express oneself.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
Vinod Joseph K J

Vinod Joseph K J, a native of Kumbalangi, couldn't cast his vote as he is pursuing his postgraduate studies in Mumbai. He hopes that the citizens wisely choose candidates in elections so that the latter are capable of leading the nation to prosperity.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
Yadukrishna R Menon

Yadukrishna R Menon from Fort Kochi wishes that after this election, India should be truly on the path to progress.

He also hopes that this election would bring to power a capable finance minister who can steer the economy well. He equally weighs experience and youthfulness. He believes that as young minds can foresee young people's representatives should be encouraged and appreciated.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
Ashita C Babu

Ashita C Babu, a student pursuing her BEd in Kottayam, prefers to conclude her great dreams for the country in a single sentence. She says she hopes for a better future and a better India.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
Deena T David

Deena T David, a post-graduate student of St. Albert’s College Ernakulam, wishes that power should be bestowed upon those candidates who have proved their mettle by reaching out towards people and working amongst them irrespective of their affiliations to political parties.

Youth optimistic and anxious as they vote
M Sivarenjini

M Sivarenjini believes that polls this year are very crucial unlike earlier elections and youth have a great role to play in it. She wants a government without a conservative attitude to come to power. She wants the new government to consider women’s safety issues too.

The youth are indeed aware about their rights and needs. They are turning out in great numbers to be a part of decision-making process in recent polls. Let's hope that they will pave the right way for nation's progress.

(Opinions expressed are personal)