When our college days are not quite enough!


If you are brand new to your campus, you have the right to do everything stupid and even look different from the others. History has proven that first-day blunders help you find your best friend. But going back to the same campus is a call for conflict. You are at the same time proud to be a know-it-all and bored to be back with the familiar. When does this phase pass? Never.

With the course rolling out quickly, you have no time to pause and to feel the first-day jitters any more. Personally, I had to get through every homework, study and research little by little – first by the day and then by the end of each semester. At the end of each semester, I promised myself to do better the next time. The transition to the next semester begins with ticking off almost all the things on the to-do-list to the disappearance of the list itself.

Everything will still be new – people, places, and things. Consider yourself lucky if you have a vibrant, loud and the craziest bunch of seniors like I had. They will treat you right, they will treat you fair. They debunk the age-old myth of being scary and pompous, but shower you with love and care. And don't try to fit into the right group. We have very little time together so we mixed with everyone in our little college life. We taste a little bit of anger and sorrow and celebrate the joys together, never fail to capture them on Instagram stories and statuses.

College is like the infamous dish known as 'sambar'– it includes different vegetables that give different flavours; overall it is fluid and but the taste empowers everything. A lot of things happen on the campus from events to academics. You have to put your hands on everything. And so I did, I chose to be a part of everything that spoke about my personality and where I could prove my best. Once you are a part of the events on campus, you have dates to remember, arrangements to make and meetings to schedule. As my teacher says, it truly becomes a hands-on experience to different situations in life. The success of the event always denotes the class effort to stand together, in love or hatred.

In between all the drama and commotion of events that unfold around the campus, academics moves parallelly. Both you and the teacher want the time and sometimes even the best space to catch up with portions before the end of the year. You are open to ideologies and ideas that you may or may not approve and the heated debate begins and continues on the corridors. Unlearning prior knowledge of your favourite subject to finding new passions, everyday becomes a new page.

These years you learn, not only academics but everything that unfolds around you in the world.

You fight your own battles to get to the top, feeling absolutely worth it. But it is only been a year and you have a few more to go. If you think you have spammed your followers too much about this last academic, give them a heads-up about the best that is yet to come. I think everyone would agree with me on this, our college days aren't just quite enough.