The lost one…

The lost one…

It is the pillars of a building that holds it. When one among them falls the pressure piles on the rest to keep the building safe. In the same way, when happiness and peace is spoiled, our sorrows mount, even though one still has to keep moving ahead.

When a member of a family departs the feeling is exactly the same. Nobody can fill the gap or nobody can relive the past joyful moments they together spent. But the rest of the family moves on, pretending to be happy. At each step, they pray for their dear one, who has gone far away. They try to keep up their routines, which till yesterday included the lost member.

One who is strong make others get along the new track, while oneself struggling to adjust with the reality. It is not that that person is mentally powerful, but may have to do so to make others normal.

It is normal in life to lose someone dear or to feel that one is lacking something valuable. It is this sense of loss or fear of loss that motivates humans to struggle and move ahead. Man travelled long in early days in search of food, new plains, fire and God. Now a days it is the technological advancement to tackle odd situations that man searches. Perhaps the search for God is eternal.

We are losing yet another beautiful year of our life. We are searching for new pastures in the light of bitter and sweet experiences of the last year. Perhaps we have lost battles, people, things and time. Conquer the future and find your lost ones……..