The year past offered wonderful lessons

The year past offered wonderful lessons

All the things I remember about new year is making resolutions and celebrating the first day. But this year may have slightly different because some 18 lessons I learnt in 2018 will be my resolutions for 2019. I don't know whether all of them will work or not, but sure, recollecting them brought a smile on my face.

Eighteen lessons and one resolution. My new year is all about them.

This year taught me that life is not perfect and never going to to be perfect. Exploring things are more important. No need to be mad always. The simple life is too adventurous. Making new friends was my new fantasy but it taught that never be a person for everyone. Taken for granted is a painful process. Though I learnt that being with friends and family cures the scars, connecting with people is too dangerous. As the myriad mind, Shakespeare said, "love all, trust a few and do wrong to none".

I also learnt from a friend being sensitive is not a crime. It is a beautiful gift from heaven which will help you become empathetic. Another new thing I learnt was that one should cry until it sets you free and smile until you forget the pain.

Both optimism and pessimism held sway even as they gave me another essence of life. Optimism is a good sign but pessimism helps you to achieve the best. Realisation of oneself is the scariest knowledge and finding it is a sacred task.

Multifarious thoughts helped me realise success varies from one person to another and judging them before knowing their story is a crime. Also, time is not a matter if one is determined to produce the best and this beautiful year revealed humans with humanity. For the first time I realised the world as a reality, not as a fantasy.

This year I encountered many lessons but the new year is all about committing new mistakes again and learning more lessons to count again in the last. Because making memories is more important in life.

The last 365 days were not an animated movie; they helped me to learn new things and understand the world better way. Just as the soon-to-end year gave us wonderful lessons, 2019 may offer a new veil over our life which won't lift until the next December. The coming year, 2019, is all about dreams, but chasing them is a major concern.