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Last Updated Tuesday May 22 2018 01:43 PM IST

The super fun day in NYC

At first, there was no snow at all. I was thinking that this winter was not so much fun. But last week we had a little snow shower and even with that I was excited.

Technology – a boon or bane?

While all the above technological achievements deserve accolades and reflect on our scientific capabilities, we forget the loss of human touch.

'Jesus Christ Superstar' reloaded

Kottayam: After two decades and a half, the controversial Rock opera 'Jesus Christ Superstar', which was stifled at birth by a prohibition order in 1990, was staged at Pallikoodam School in Kottayam, before a packed audience.The then district collector Alphonse Kannamthanam had ordered the ban

Cars with a unique 'fit'

Kottayam: Despite being bound to a wheelchair for over 17 years, Biju Varghese has modified more than 1000 cars to suit the needs of persons with disabled lower limbs.Biju holds the patent for a retrofitted car, a customised automobile that has a hand-controlled mechanism to operate the three foot

Migrant workers send home 4 per cent of Kerala's GDP

Kottayam: A report commissioned by the state government has found that the annual remittances being sent home by migrant workers in Kerala is about Rs 17,500 crore, which is equivalent to 4 per cent of Kerala's gross domestic product.It is estimated that 2.35 lakh non-Keralite Indian workers arrive

Aarushi Talwar- Book, movie, life

It was described as the murder (or murders) that shook the psyche of the Indian middle-class. Seven years on, two years after the conviction, the Aarushi Talwar- Hemraj murders (known infamously as the Noida double-murder) is back in the limelight thanks to Meghna Gulzar’s movie ‘Talwar.’The wealth

Off the Patch

Have you seen the electronic toilets in Japan? These toilets magically lift its lids by merely pressing a button and congenially warms its seats upon our arrival. Thet also have the solicitous electronic bidets with its controls, ranging from essential to opulent.In Tibet, the lavatories are

Badminton: The best antidote to ageing

Everybody loves youth and tries to stay young. Thus, unlocking and reconfiguring the process of ageing is an industry with inexhaustible enthusiasm. Our vanity is making us go after complex potions, neolithic diets, aggressive surgery and oddball practices; all promising to arrest the march of

Radhika Thilak, that gentle sweetness, is gone much before her time

Deeply saddened by the untimely demise of this beautiful singer who was liked by everyone who met her or heard her songs! She was only 45 when she succumbed to her illness at a hospital in Kochi on Sunday 20 September, around 8:00PM(IST)! Kaithappoo manamenthe Chanchalaakshi ...

Don’t disturb, Supt. is in chatting mode

My school certificate has the name Francis Fernandez. In my ration card, it is Francis T. Mavelikkara. In order to earn a passport for my son, I have to prove that same person owns both names. Recently, I was wading through the govt. offices to find a solution to this. When I went to one of these

Heading towards stronger foreign exchange reserves

A strong foreign exchange reserve projects a a country's ability to compete both at the internal international markets effectively.The latest information received on the international business front is a marginal improvement in our Foreign exchange reserves after several weeks of outflow. However

Natural cure for dandruff

Anila Joseph, Beauty Therapist & Make up Expert at Anila Joseph's Beauty Care Solutions & Beauty Spa, Trivandrum. gives us a few useful tips for controlling dandruff.a) While washing your hair, you have to be very careful. You have to make sure that this water you are using to wash your

Neera, goodness in every drop

Adopting a healthy eating regime not only boosts our bodily function but also helps us get in shape. But are we drinking healthily? Whenever we feel sluggish, we reach for that favourite energy drink or soda. But are we aware of the scary side effects of the so-called health drinks?Mini Mathew who

Retirement is not 'the evening of life'

I have enquired with several colleagues on the verge of retirement as to what their post retirement plans were and was told casually that they will 'take rest.' It appears to me to be a reply made out of frustration than intent. Then again, is it possible to take such remarks at face value

Omar Sharif: Best bridge player in the world

I am deeply saddened by Omar Sharif's death and I write these words with tears in my eyes! He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in May 2015 and died on Friday afternoon after suffering a heart attack at a hospital in Cairo. He was my hero ever since I saw him in David Lean's Lawrence of

The employee is the King!

Industrial relations is of utmost importance to provide a conducive working environment in the present day competitive market scenario. Rapid improvements in technology affect retention of competent manpower especially that of the younger generation. Efficient man management is possible only when a

KPP: The Unsung Voyager of Kerala Industry

Kerala's industrial scenario was different four decades ago. It was not long before Padma Bhushan Kunnath Puthiyaveetil Padmanabhan Nambiar, alias KPP Nambiar had made significant contributions to reshape, democratize progress, and offer solutions to the social riddles through cutting edge

Saved by the Ringer

Kochi: Quick InfoTech has come out with its Ringer App, which is claimed to solve problems such as call dropping and lack of clarity in conventional VoIP calls. According to CEO Ashok Mani, the app uses significantly lesser data and can perform well even in networks where bandwidth is low. The app

Heal and feel at home

Many home care instituitions provide comprehensive healthcare services such as geriatric care, post-operative care, palliative care, physiotherapy etc. They also provide other complementary services such as collection of lab samples, delivery of medicines to a patient's home as well as hiring

Social media savvy cops setting example in Bengaluru

There are certain professions in which the acts of a few can tarnish the image of the entire lot — police is one striking example. Police are often perceived to be inaccessible to people and even lodging a complaint is seen as a cumbersome process. The Bengaluru Police are doing some good work to

Tribunal rejects claim on early conciliation number

On 18 February 2015, in Sterling vs United Learning Trust case, it was held that employment tribunal is entitled to reject a claim that was submitted out of time, due to the claimant entering the wrong Early Conciliation Number. In this case, Sterling submitted her ET1 (the petition) missing some

A Monk and His Girlfriend

It's not the latest Hollywood movie but Maxin James, the author of A Monk and his Girlfriend, has a lot to tell about his book. Maxin is a company secretary by profession and has been practicising in Cochin with a reputed company. But he is also very passionate about mythologies, nature,

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