Stress on education and nutrition in draft women empowerment policy


New Delhi: The government has prepared a draft national policy for women empowerment with a priority on their education, food security, and nutrition, sources have said.

The Women and Child Development Ministry has prepared the draft policy after receiving suggestions from various stakeholders, a source said.

The draft policy identifies the priority areas of food security, nutrition, education, economy (including agriculture industry, labour, employment, NRI women, service sector, science and technology), violence against women, governance, and decision making.

According to the draft policy, it aims to create an enabling environment for women through housing, shelter and infrastructure, drinking water and sanitation, media and culture, sports, and social security.

It states that it aims to empower women and envisions a society in which, women attain their full potential and are able to participate as equal partners in all spheres of life.

The draft policy also has provisions to promote environmental friendly, renewable, non-conventional energy, green energy sources for women in rural households.

It also has provisions for addressing all forms of violence against women and preventing trafficking at source, transit and destinations.