Kerala woman rocks social media after spirited translation of RaGa's speech


Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is in Kerala for a two day visit as part of the poll campaigns and the people are curiously following the politician's speeches. Many noticed the woman, clad in a blue sari, who translated Gandhi's English speech to Malayalam at Pathanapuram. Jyothi Vijayakumar is winning plaudits on the social media for doing an amazing job.

Jyothi hails from a family of politicians. She is the daughter of D Vijayakumar who contested as a Congress candidate from Chengannur. Impressed by her translation skills, many have enquired about Jyothi who perfectly conveyed Rahul's speech which reflected many topics related to national issues. Jyothi, who works as a faculty member in the sociology department at the civil service academy in Thiruvananthapuram also acted as the translator for Rahul Gandhi when he met the fishermen community. In 2016, she translated Soniya Gandhi's speech to Malayalam when the former congress chairperson visited Kerala. She is an experienced translator who has been following the political ideals of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi in his speech at Pathanapuram said that the politics of hatred spread by the RSS would be proved wrong through love and affection. He retorted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegation that the money required to execute the NYAY project would be forcefully collected from the middle class. Rahul Gandhi stressed that Modi was spreading lies on the matter.

It was for the first time that Rahul Gandhi came to Kerala for campaigning, after filing nominations from Wayanad. He had promised that he would not say anything against the CPM and he kept his promise at the rally in Pathanapuram. He, however, vehemently criticized the RSS and the BJP.

He added that the RSS was silencing all the dissenting voices and that the Congress, through love and affection, would show them that their ideas are wrong. Addressing the crowd in Pathanapuram, he shared why he decided to contest from Wayanad. He said that he wanted to give a message that India is not just one perspective or one idea. India is millions and millions o different viewpoints.