Here's how this homemaker turned into film direction

Here's how this homemaker turned into film direction

The movie titled 'Prakashante Metro' which releases in April would feature the name Haseena Suneer in its title cards. It was the sheer perseverance and hard work of Suneera, a home-maker, which resulted in the making of the movie. Debutant director Haseena Suneer had faced many challenges before she could actually achieve her dream of directing a movie.

Writing interesting stories has always been Haseena's favourite pastime. 'Prakashante Metro', a road movie, is based on a story that was narrated to her by a young girl. While the story of the movie is by Haseena, it was Mithran who penned the screenplay with ample doses of humour in it. The movie truly is the product of exceptional team work and most of the crew is newcomers like Haseena.

Many producers refused to bankroll the movie which was directed by a debutant female director. However, this project was supported by Ernakulam city traffic assistant commissioner Nasir. The movie depicts a significant journey between Vytila and Aluva. Dinesh Prabakar, Pashanam Shaji and Noby play pivotal roles in Prakashante Metro. Haseena is the wife of Nooranadu Sulthanveetil Suneer who is a businessman.