Here's the teacher who shook the net with Ottanthullal on Nehru

Meet MV Usha, the star of the Ottanthullal viral video on children's day

The name MV Usha may not ring familiar at all. But the moment you hear 'Nehru,' the image of the lively school teacher who performed an Ottanthullal about India's first prime minister, on children's day, comes to the mind. Usha, a pre-primary teacher at the Trikaripur St. Paul GUPS, is the latest internet sensation after her super energetic performance became viral on the social media. A teacher, who wouldn't hesitate to sing or dance to make her students happy, Usha talks about how she came up with the idea of presenting the life history of Nehru through Ottanthullal.

For my kids

Usha says that she loves her students as her own kids and would do anything to convey a message or lesson in the most unique way possible. The talented teacher admits that she wouldn't mind singing, dancing or even acting it out if she is determined to make her students learn. “I have been working as a pre-primary teacher for the last 10 years. All these years, I have sung songs, danced and even acted to make sure that my kids learn in the most enjoyable way. These are all my kids. I perform for them not thinking that it would become viral or what would people think about it. When I am performing for my kids, I would forget everything and teach them only with the determination that the lessons should stay in their minds forever,” says Usha.

Chachaji's idea

Here's the teacher who shook the net with Ottanthullal on Nehru
Screenshot from the video that went viral

Usha says that she wanted to do something creatively to make the kids understand about Nehru and his ideals. However, she hardly imagined her performance would gain her such popularity. Unlike the speculations by the social media, Usha is not an Ottanthullal artist. Her daughter, however, is trained in the art form and Usha incorporated the information about Nehru into the unique rhythm of Thullal. With great confidence she performed that in the special assembly conducted on the children's day. Usha vows that she never imagined that it would be recorded and uploaded on the social media.

No complaints

While her colleagues and students are showering her with appreciation, not everyone was good to her. Many comments appeared on the social media mocking her and criticizing her ways. However, the confident teacher in Usha is not ready to bow down to those negative comments and feel dejected. “Why should I be bothered about some stupid comments? I have always been like this. If I had to narrate the story of a lion, then I would become the king of the forests. I just want to ask them whether they got just this video to make fun of. Everyone in the school knows that I have been teaching my kids like this for the last 10 years. If the people in the social media had seen all those, then I would have become viral earlier,” smiles Usha teacher.

Usha knows that one of her colleagues had recorded the video, but has no idea who edited it and posted it on the social media.

Daughter was hurt

Though Usha is not bothered at the criticisms directed at her, she is worried that some of the comments have made her daughter upset. “Someone asked her, ‘What is wrong with your mother? Why is she dancing like this?’ When my daughter came and said that, I became sad. But she was happy when those who mocked in the beginning began to appreciate me. My husband Ramakrishnan, who works in the Gulf, knows me well. He told me not to get upset with all these. My colleagues too were supportive. I can't stop teaching just because I became viral, can I?” Usha smiles and heads to her classroom where a group of kids are eagerly waiting for their favourite teacher. “In a way I am happy that it was Chachaji who made me viral,” Usha teacher signs off.