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Last Updated Tuesday May 22 2018 07:18 PM IST

How to work on loopholes of destination wedding

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Wedding venue Photo: Getty Images

Destination weddings are getting popular, but there are a few things that can spoil the idea before you actually plan for it, say experts.

Aashmeen Munjaal, of Starstruck Wedding Designers, and Meha Bhargava, wedding stylist and founder of Styl.Inc, list down some aspects to keep in mind while planning a destination wedding.

» Communication: If you are planning a wedding in Italy, France, Japan, Spain or Germany, then communication with native people can be a limitation. To break that, have a mediator.

» Cuisine: If you are planning a wedding in India or abroad, choosing the right cuisine is a limitation that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, if the wedding is outside India and you would like to have traditional cuisine, then you have to take the vendor from India (depending on where you are going) and have to do all necessary arrangements.

In India, if you would like to have all the cuisine from different states of India, you have to call the experts from all over India and do the necessary arrangement for them and take necessary permissions from the local authorities, if required.

» Designer: Choosing the right designer is important. There are a lot of designers who can customize the outfit according to various occasions. You have to choose the right one to give the best outfit in your budget.

» Make-up: Make-up is another factor for destination wedding. You have to be very selective while choosing your make-up artist, picking a look according to the weather conditions and deciding on the make-up that suits you well.

» Unfamiliarity with the wedding destination: If you have always adored the idea of having a wedding in a specific way, and you are not ready to negotiate on that dream at all, it is important to know everything about the destination.

» Cost factor: You should expect a lot of guests to back out due to the commuting cost. It is not just about the cost only, but the distance and time they have to invest in travelling. So, there are chances that they might back out at the last moment. Be prepared for it.

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