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Last Updated Thursday May 24 2018 08:06 AM IST


For a change, marry in a grove as an Idukki couple did

On Sunday, Akshara and Aneesh, hailing from Kanjikuzhi in Idukki district, tied the knot beneath the canopy of a giant tree amidst the soothing sound of tree leaves rustling and birds chirping in the slight breeze.

Think twice before you honk: Mohanlal

'I also used to sound horn when I used to drive. Whoever goes outside India will come to know that there is no honking in most countries abroad,' says Mohanlal.

Taking in the grandeur of Vishu

Vishu comes up with the message of equality and abundance. The festival follows the solar cycle and is the first day of month called Medam.

Singing carols can make you happy

Community singing had positive effects on people's mental health, while for some it was a key to their recovery or maintenance of health, for others it induced fun and happiness.

Take on this lefty challenge

The challenge is meant to create awareness about the problems faced by the lefties on a day-to-day basis in a world shaped for the right-handers.

There is no hacking this Panavally code

Zip down to Nalpathenneeswaram in Panavally, which happens to be on the border of Alappuzha district and get a taste of the language and a leaf out of a historic past.

Separate department needed for happiness: Karassery

Social commentator and Malayalam writer M. N. Karassery suggested that the state government should launch a department to take care of people's well-being, just like how it started the Health and Family Welfare Department.

'Nice Boys' prove they're indeed nice

Employees of a bus named 'Nice Boys' in Thrissur district turned real nice indeed when they saved the lives of two young men who were injured in a bike accident.

In a first, Kerala mosque prays in sign language for the hearing impaired

Malappuram: A mosque at Pulikkal here is using sign language during Friday prayers 'Qutaba' and daily 'azans' to help the hearing impaired participate in the religious services. During 'Qutabas' and 'Azaans' (Muslim call for prayers) sign language interpreters are used at the mosque 'AL Rahma',

This man’s appetite to serve feeds the hungry

The 60-year-old has been providing free meals to the patients and bystanders of Batheri Government Ayurveda Hospital ever since he learned about those who forego food to afford treatment when he himself was a patient at the medical center a year ago.

CDS marks 10 years of growth

The center provides free medical care for challenges that inhibit the development of the brain, such as cerebral palsy, autism and retardation.

Love is blind, so is this couple

They live in a world of darkness, but their hearts lit up with love as they met. Kanmani and Manikandan have now become partners for life.

Paralyzed cop resumes duty only to fight sand mafia

On a Christmas Eve in 2014, Benedict was motoring down to the local church when he was brutally attacked by the sand mafia, leaving him for dead. A deadly wound to his spine left him paralyzed neck down.

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