Grow spinach, harvest the protein rich yield in just 25 days

Summer is the best time for spinach to grow abundantly.

The lockdown days are the best time to indulge in something creative and productive to beat the boredom. Many have turned to growing organic vegetable patches in their backyards. The common spinach plants are easier to grow, even if you have a small patch. A storehouse of protein, fat and amino acids, spinach can be grown in grow bags on the terrace as well, in case there is no space in the yard.

With proper watering and a soil rich with organic nutrients, fresh spinach can be harvested within just 25 days. Here is how you could grow organic spinach at home pretty easily.

Summer is the best time for spinach to grow abundantly. The spinach plants should be grown at a spot which receives good amount of sun shine and also where water doesn’t puddle up without getting seeped into the ground. Experts say that spinach could be planted in two ways. The first method is to sow the seeds on the patch of ground where you intend to grow the spinach plants. The second method is to plant the saplings. It is better to plant the saplings if you are someone who is trying to grow spinach for the first time.

Water the patch continuously for 4 – 5 days before planting the spinach. Mix the seeds with some dry soil and spread it evenly in the garden patch. Spread some sand, in minimal amount, over this. You could then cover the patch using a plastic sheet.


In case you are planting the sapling, make sure to soak them in a formula made by mixing 20 grams pseudomonas in a liter of water for at least 20 minutes. Spray some fish amino on the spinach plants that are two weeks old. You could also water them at the base. 10 millilitres of fish amino could be mixed in 1 litre water to be sprayed on the spinach plants. Besides, watering the patch using the formula made by mixing 20 millilitres fish amino in a liter of water could help produce better yield. Make sure to spray the fish amino in the morning itself.

Some organic green leaf manure or the water weed that is found floating in local ponds could be spread on the patch, every two weeks, to aid the growth of the spinach plants. Make sure to water the spinach plants every day. Moreover, unwanted weeds and other rogue growths too should be removed regularly. Spray the formula made by mixing 1 litre cow urine in 5 litres water for better growth. Diluted Jeevamrutham mix too could be used to help the spinach plants grow faster.