2019 Backstory: A goofed-up opportunity, but a learning experience


Editor's note: Backstory is Onmanorama's special year-ender video series. Here, our reporters recall their memorable experiences in 2019. Watch all videos here.

I had read many of her articles on the same topic, and thought it would be an interesting piece for Onmanorama's society section. I also felt that such a story would have some soothing effect amid hundreds of depressing crime and political reports that inundate us everyday.

The topic I chose was '10 points to keep the mother-son-daughter-in-law triangle healthy in a family.'

I called the celebrity to fix an appointment, but she said she was free to talk at that time. I felt really happy. Without wasting much time, I asked my first question.

After stating a couple of points, her tone changed. “Is it a funny subject?” she asked me. “It is a serious matter and it should be discussed in detail. What is this 10 points to keep mother-son-daughter in law...Rubbish... I cannot answer it like this...leave me alone..."

Her response jolted me. My happiness soon turned into disappointment.

I hindsight, I think I could have completed the interview had I prepared questions in a better way. And I consoled myself by saying that every goofed-up opportunity is a huge learning opportunity.

(This story was first published on December 27, 2019.)