Know these new age acronyms to send terse messages

Know these new age acronyms to send terse massages

Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and it has overhauled the communication process through prolific coinage and usage of acronyms and jargons. With WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms taking the centre stage new acronyms keep taking shape every now and then. Here are some common acronyms that will help you get abreast with the new age internet lexicon.

When you need to show that you are grateful

ty – thank you

tyvm – thank you very much

To conclude a conversation politely

gtg – got to go

ttyl – talk to you later

To express opinions and provide information

imho – in my humble opinion or imo – in my opinion

tbh – to be honest

fyi – for your information

When something is hilarious

lol – laughing out loud

When something surprises you

omg – oh my god

When you need to speak about the present

atm – at the moment

rn – right now

Be honest about the fact that you didn't read that long text

tl;dr – too long; didn't read

When you are unsure about something

idk – I don't know

When you are disappointed or annoyed by something

smh – shaking my head

When the spirit of adventure takes over you

yolo – you only live once

In addition to these, there are many other abbreviations that you will come across on various blogs, forums, in the comments sections of videos and on social media. As you engage in a conversation with friends and acquaintances online, try to make up your own acronyms that suit your particular needs. If others too find them useful, then maybe your invention might catch on and become popular!