Lazybones' easy guide to hibernate in hot summer

The lazy ones might be wishing to cling to the bed in cool interiors of homes, while the summer sun blazes outside. Photo: iStock

With mercury touching figures it has never even neared before, lethargy, fatigue and all sorts of stupor-like conditions set in as summer woes.

For all those who are indolence personified, the searing heat has become an excuse to decline invites to hangouts or gatherings. While cities might have some marvellous sights to offer, the four corners of the bed is all those lazy ones might be wishing to cling to. When the occasional wave of surprising vigour hits home, they may go beyond the bed to the kitchen and even courtyard to while away time fruitfully.

So here are some easy-peasy fun things that require infinitesimal labour:

Eat away to glory

Being home means incessant cravings for sweets, seven-course meals, shakes and what-nots. A little effort in choosing what you eat can make you an online sensation. Food blogging is the thing in town and while people are obsessed with the exotic dishes from far-flung places, there is an equal demand for traditional recipes from homes. Team up with your grandparents, aunts and uncles and parents to share family recipes, anecdotes around the dinner table, culinary practices at home, indigenous cooking methods etc. on online platforms.

Netflix a prime source of entertainment

An internet connection free of buffering, a well-charged laptop and a pair of earphones is all one needs to go on a film/series marathon. Far more advantageous than a TV subscription due to endless, updated, quality content without the recurrent ads, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other online video-streaming sites offer content that is novel and supercool. They are lifesavers for the best of the lazybones who don't mind waiting for the new film to come online or on TV boxes but can't make the heart to go to the nearest theatres.

Catch up on the once abandoned reading list

Lazybones like to read? Lie down in your fluffy bed in all possible postures to read - leaning on your back, legs up on the table, on the wall and so on. While friends are out on tours this vacay, bone idles will enjoy globetrotting through the worlds their favourite authors fantasised. Crib about the Hogwarts castle we can never go to, see the erstwhile tribulations of Latin America through Che Guevara’s 'The Motorcycle Diaries' or go on a wild goose chase around the Louvre Museum and dark colossal secret pathways of Vatican City through Dan Brown’s novels. And the best part is you need not even harness your backpack - an arduous task lazybones hate. So, happy travel with the bed as your magic carpet.

Play with stone, paper, scissors

Lazybones, however lazy they might be, would strive to take the artist within them for a joy ride. Ponder on what can be done with the pebbles that lie in your backyard - give them a dash of colour and show off your painting skill. Get creative with all the paper, buttons, bottles, glasses or whatever you can lay your hands on, design them and innovate. Learn some sewing and if still some energy is left, shoot your methods, post them online, garner views and motivate other lazybones.

Pen your musings

It is understood that your bones are too idle to write a short story. But rethink how short today is. Type an Instagram poem not longer than five lines, type a tale for Terribly Tiny Tales having no more than 20 words. Have a glass of chilled Boost, get some energy and proceed to make your own blog or online handles to post your writings. But if laziness still persists, you can excuse yourself from doing even that.