When this college student stood on her legs, for the first time

Fathima Asla
Fathima Asla was not able to stand or walk a bit before undergoing surgery at a Coimbatore hospital.

If life has to be won by fighting against all odds, then fight with all your might. This is what Fathima, a student at the Kottayam Homeo Medical College who has amazed everyone with her incredible life story, says. It was her grit, perseverance and determination which helped her stand firm on her two legs and who may otherwise have ended up living her entire life on a wheelchair. Writer Najeeb Moodadi has shared the inspirational story of Fathima Asla on his Facebook page and it has since become viral on the social media.

Along with the Facebook post titled ‘The special charm in Pathu’s smile’, Najeeb has posted two pictures of Fathima. In one of the pictures Fathima is seen sitting on a wheelchair, while in the other the youngster can be seen standing with a big smile on her face. Najeeb wrote that he felt great happiness to see the picture in the right, in which Fathima Asla is beaming with happiness as it was the first time she stood on her legs.

“Fathima, a student at the Kottayam homeo medical college, suffered from a disease which crushed her bones. Besides, she also had a curved spinal cord. This girl who couldn’t stand up or walk had been wheelchair-bound for years. Fathima could stand up and walk a bit only after undergoing a surgery at a Coimbatore hospital two months ago. Even a small fall could break her bones, and the bones on her left leg alone had broken at least more than 60 times,” writes Najeeb.

Najeeb wrote that it was Ftahima’s mental strength which helped her fare well in her studies despite going through severe pain and treatments. He added that Fathima’s parents had displayed impeccable determination by letting their kids study whatever they wanted, in spite of suffering severe financial crises. Fathima’s younger brother is studying BPharm at the Kozhikode medical college.

Najeeb met Fathima Asla at a rented house near the Kozhikode medical college, four years ago, where she lived with her parents and brother.

“This girl who talks with a smile on her face despite going through pain is really a wonder. She is not only good at studies but also writes amazingly. Pathu’s vlog ‘Dream Beyond Infinity’ has lots of viewers on the Youtube. It is her incredible confidence, hope and optimism that help her survive the factors that pull her back in life. This confidence often reflects in her smile as well. The credit for illuminating her smile definitely goes to her parents and lots of other good-hearted people,” says Najeeb.

“I wish Pathu to continue heading forward in life with her sweet smile and a hopeful heart. Those who squander the beauty of life and keep complaining despite blessed with all the luxuries, should realize the value of Fathima’s smile,” Najeeb concludes his Facebook post.