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Last Updated Tuesday August 21 2018 06:27 AM IST

Water wise: Tweak your routine to save an extra drop

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Drinking water

Weather experts have warned that the heat will rise one or two degrees in Kerala compared to the past year this summer. One needs to get trained for the dry season, and pay attention to limiting the use of water in times of scarcity. Onmanorama tells you the easiest way to do it.

How to take a bath


Keralites are mostly used to taking bath twice a day. A bucket full of water could be about 20 liters, but a shower or tap can waste water, with 70 to 100 liters used.

First take two cups of water and pour it from the head down all over the body slowly. Use an additional cup of water for areas that are yet to get wet. Use the soap well on areas that stink of sweat.

Use three cups of water to wash away the soap. Two more cups, poured slowly from the head, should cool you well enough. The bath should be over by the time the poured water reaches the feet.It's ideal to have a night bath beside the coconut tree. It would also irrigate the tree and the plantain.The soap can be avoided while bathing in a river, reservoir or common pond. Oil can also be limited.


Hand wash

Wipe out the waste food particles and dump in the waste bucket. Open the tap to let out only a thin stream that can clean the plate. Use the hands to scrub and clean the plate neat. Use a soap only if there is too much oil or the smell of meat. Avoiding oily food during summer will help keep thirst at bay.

Kitchen farm

Kitchen sink

Water used for cleaning dishes can be collected in a big pot and used to irrigate the kitchen farm or other cultivation in the property. Experience has proven that a coconut tree's yield will be good enough if provided with 40 liters of water daily during summer.

Birds and beings


Birds and other living beings can be supported with water kept in large vessels in the courtyard.

Car wash


Purified tap water should never be used to wash cars. One should think of just wiping cars during summer rather than washing.

Plug the leak

Car wash

Washers on water taps should be made leak-proof before summer to prevent wastage.


A European closet takes 10 to 20 liters of water in a single flushing. A mug can be used to pour water after urinating. Water release from a tap can also be limited by adjusting the knob.



Pumping can be in installments. The old style bucket and rope technique, if used, can be a good exercise also.

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