How does telemedicine service work? All you need to know

Doctor can be consulted through videoconferencing. Image used for representational purpose.

The health department has launched the telemedicine services for the Covid 19 suspects to consult expert doctors. The list of medicines prescribed by the doctor could be downloaded online. In the initial stage, the telemedicine service is open to the Covid 19 suspects, those who have a history of foreign travel or have come in contact with a Covid 19 positive patient. At present, 100 doctors affiliated with the Indian Medical Association would be working at the telemedicine centre. The telemedicine services are to be availed for illnesses that aren’t of serious nature. The project is executed by the IT Mission in the state.

How does it work?

Covid 19 suspects should register in the website for a virtual consultation with the doctor.

You need to enter the details under one of the four sections.

In the last page, you are asked to confirm whether you seek telemedicine service or not.

If you click ‘yes’, you get a password as SMS on your phone.

You could login using this password through or quikdr Lite mobile application.

You can choose a doctor and fix an appointment for virtual consultation.

The meeting id would be send through SMS. Using this, you can consult the doctor via video conferencing.

The medicine prescription would be sent through email as well. You can download them and buy the medicines.

Who can register?

Those who are above 60 and are sick or you know someone who needs medical attention.

Those who have travelled abroad recently or know any such person.

Those who have travelled anywhere in India or know someone who has.

People whose job puts them in contact with Covid 19 patients or suspects.

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