10-minute effective workout to flatten your tummy

The time consumed is less but it should be effective, says Dr. Rini Vibin.

A bulging tummy is a major factor that may drain your confidence levels. No dressing style can hide this feature and you would find it hard to muster the courage to face an audience from a stage.

When several attempts to reduce your belly fail, practising this 10-minute workout by Dr. Rini Vibin would be effective.

You can engage in this exercise at home. The time consumed is less but it should be effective.

According the doctor, workout may burn out fat in the entire body and not in a particular spot. "There will be more changes in the body parts where more fat is deposited," she says. Similarly, it will take more time to reduce fat that has been accumulated over a long period of time, quips the doctor.

Dr. Vibin has shared a video of the workout, which not only flattens your stomach but also helps you regain your energy and health.

She says the exercises she demonstrates are very effective and should be performed at least thrice a week. However, if one aims at overall fitness, cardio exercises too should be followed apart from the abdominal exercises, recommends Dr. Vibin.