Turn to nature to stay positive during the lockdown days

Experts are hopeful that improvement in the air quality following the lockdown would improve the immunity and general well being of the human beings.

The air quality has amazingly improved ever since India began its nationwide lockdown to fight the corona virus pandemic. Experts are hopeful that it would significantly improve the immunity and general well being of the human beings. Flowers have begun to bloom and new species of birds are seen around.

The fast paced urban life and its noise pollution may have driven them away in the first place. The pollution has reduced and the areas are experiencing a calming silence as well. Nature has changed positively as people are keeping away from the streets.

You could enjoy these changes in the nature and summon them to your houses as well, to make the lockdown days less monotonous. Reminiscing about the past achievements and happiest moments in life is an amazing way to keep your spirits up. Remember that everyone around you is equally affected by the struggles and stress of lockdown.

So, do not give up the optimism that the society as a whole can survive this hard phase. If you have been locking horns with family members, this is the time to reconcile and stay together in harmony. Indulging in activities with your family members could improve the familial bonds. It is possible for us to bring the positive vibes into our families as well.