10 symptoms described by COVID-19 survivors

One should consult the doctor if there is difficulty in breathing or swallowing food. Representative image

The world is in the grip of COVID-19 fear as millions of people have been affected by the disease. However, instead of anxiety, we need to exercise caution and stay alert to prevent spread of the disease. Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to flu, including fever and dry throat. Here are the experiences of some patients who recovered from the disease.

Painful sinus

According to Connor Reid from Wuhan in China, pain in the sinus can occur along with fever and cold. Reid was among the first persons to be affected by the virus in November 2019. “There was pain all over my body and I thought something was hitting me hard on the head. I had a burning sensation in my eyes and my throat tightened,” he said.

Pressure in the ears

Reid also felt that his ears would explode any moment. “You won’t hear anything. The Eustachian tube between the inner ear and middle ear get blocked and this exerts pressure on the ears. Never use ear buds in this condition, as it would cause further damage,” he said.


Fever would be accompanied by headache. Kevin Harris, who was hospitalized in Ohio after he tested positive for COVID-19, said the headache was very severe. “It was like taking a severe blow on your head,” he said.

Burning eyes

Similar to other allergies, COVID-19 survivors said they experienced itching and burning sensations in their eyes. “Initially, there was fever, followed by irritation in the eyes and headache,” said Reid.

Tightening of the throat

Another symptom of COVID-19 is tightening of the throat and inflammation in the area. “Seek medical assistance if you have any difficulty in breathing or swallowing food. Moreover, I suffered from persistent cough,” said Andrew O’Dyer from Italy.

Body pain

Corona patients experience severe pain all over the body. Apart from ears and the chest area, ache is felt in the hands and legs also. “Mental stress and tension intensifies the pain. My first symptoms were severe headache, body pain and joint pain. Then I had high fever,” said Elizabeth Panackal.

Breathing trouble

Many COVID-19 patients had difficulties in breathing and made a sound during the process. “The sound came from the fluids that had filled the lungs. Moreover, I could hardly breathe owing to anxiety,” said Mark Thibolt.

Lack of appetite, fatigue

“The main symptom was fatigue, for which rest is very important. I always felt tired and weary. Moreover, I couldn’t eat anything,” said Jayruwe Si Ong, the first COVID-19 patient in Thailand.


Fever is among the first symptoms of the disease that can be easily identified. Many people even believe fever is the only sign of virus infection. In some patients, only fever may be experienced; there would be no cough or breathing problems. “I had a fever the day I arrived in Delhi from Italy. Three days later, I had a fever again and so I voluntarily offered to test for COVID-19. The test result was positive,” said Rohit Dutta.

Tightness in the chest

Several patients experienced a feeling of tightness in the chest and cough along with fever. “The disease would spread to others through the particles let out from the mouth while coughing. When I reached the USA from a trip abroad, I had a fever, mild cough and tightness in the chest,” said Carl Goldman.