Tips for using mobile phones amid COVID-19 threat

A mobile phone can be rightly termed as a breeding ground for germs.

Mobile phone has become our constant companion wherever we go. We carry it while having meals, keep it at our bedside while sleeping and may even take it to the washroom. However, as personal hygiene is crucial in preventing COVID-19, special care is needed regarding the use of the mobile.

One of the most effective ways to check the spread of the virus is washing hands. Doing this at regular intervals in the proper way with soap and water or sanitizer would go a long way in keeping us safe. Similarly, the tendency to touch the nose, lips, eyes and other parts of the face has to be curbed.

Naturally, the mobile phone that has become a part and parcel of our lives too has to be taken care of in the times of COVID-19. With people keeping the phone even in kitchens and above flush tanks, a number of disease-causing organisms would be present on the device. In addition, our saliva might scatter while speaking on the phone and get deposited on it. In short, a mobile phone can be rightly termed as a breeding ground for germs. Incidentally, the phones of doctors who deal with patients have the highest concentration of bacteria and viruses.

Here are some tips to keep your mobile phone free of germs:

» Wash hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer. This would prevent the virus from spreading from the hands to the phone to a certain extent.

» Use an earphone or Bluetooth device for speaking; saliva will not get deposited on the phone.

» Avoid placing the mobile at every surface as per your wish. Always carry it in your pocket or bag.

» As far as possible, do not use another person’s mobile phone. Instead of watching photos and videos in somebody’s phone, share them through WhatsApp or similar app.

» Cleaning a phone and disinfecting it also calls for special attention. New models of smartphones have very sensitive touchscreens which may suffer damage in case bleach or disinfectants are applied. Before cleaning a phone, ensure that it is not plugged in for charging. Read manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning the phone.

» The plastic or leather case of a phone can be cleaned with soap solution. Another method of disinfecting the case is wiping it with a soft cotton or linen cloth or microfibre cloth dipped in a solution having 70 per cent Isopropyl alcohol.

» The mobile phone also can be cleaned with 70 per cent Isopropyl alcohol but ensure that the ports and entry points of microphones remain dry.

» While travelling, clean the phone with alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer.