Follow these tips to boost immunity and keep infections at bay

Diet rich in vitamins and herbal ingredients may help in increasing immunity.

» Use lime detox: Drink lukewarm lime water on empty stomach in the morning. The vitamin C in lemon will boost immunity. Also, it will vitalize the system and boost energy levels.

» Sanitisation is the name of the game: so keep your hands clean. Use soap or a soap-based cleanser to wash hands. Eat out of clean vessels. Be sure to clean all vegetables and fruits and other ingredients before cooking. Store cooked food in optimum temperature.

» Use an alcohol-based sanitizer: Use an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after handling wastes/garbage. Use it before and after suing washrooms, holding public rails etc. This will prevent the infection from spreading. Close your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing.

» Use and discard tissue properly: Ensure that the tissue or cloth you use is disposed of properly. It should be destroyed or carefully washed and reused.

» Use disinfectants: Use disinfectants to clean frequently touched places. If anyone has an infection at home, the house should be completely sanitized.

» Consume food rich in vitamins: The infection easily lodges itself on those with lower immunity. So, ensure good food and adequate sleep to ensure that you stay healthy. Use foods with vitamin C (orange, broccoli) and with vitamin E (nuts and seeds) and vitamin B6 (chicken, pea, fish). Include anti-oxidants in the diet.

» Add herbal spices in food: Use of ginger, turmeric and garlic in food is good for health. It's also good to consume water in large quantities.