‘No white’ diet, the easiest way to shed weight

Before choosing what you eat, it is important to know whether they are good for your health or not.

The no white diet that apparently helps shed body weight has been the latest sensation in the wellness and nutrition industry. As the name suggests, this unique diet says a big ‘no’ to starch, sugar and flour that are white in colour. These include foods that have high glycemic index, high starch and carbohydrate rates and also processed foods. It is no big secret that such foods are unhealthy and do not suit those who are trying to shed weight.

The 'no white' diet helps reduce a few kilos very easily. This could improve your eating habits and help regulate the blood sugar levels as well.

Why should you avoid white food?

White coloured and processed foods do not contain any fibres or essential nutrients. However, it is loaded with bad carbohydrates that are not great for our health. As these foods are not filling and can make you feel hungry soon, there are chances that you eat more calories than what is actually required. Diabetes patients should strictly stay away from such unhealthy food. Biscuits, cheese, sweets and aerated drinks are some of the processed foods that should be avoided.

What could replace the white food?

You could eat healthy brown oats, multi grain bread, wheat pasta instead of white pasta and whole grains instead of rice, and stevia, honey, maple syrup and brown sugar instead of processed sugar. However, it is not right to evaluate the nutritional benefits of the food based only on its colour. Though milk, tofu and paneer are white in colour they are rich in nutrients. They are healthy foods and help in reducing the body weight.

Say ‘yes’ to these foods

Cottage cheese, yoghurt, coconut, cauliflower and white chicken are some of foods that are nutritious and should be included your weight loss diet.

Before choosing what you eat, it is important to know whether they are good for your health or not. Refined flour and sugar should be avoided. However, not all white foods are unhealthy. A well balanced and nutritious diet and proper workouts are the easiest ways to shed that extra flab.