Did you know quail eggs are excellent remedy for asthma

Quail eggs are consumed as a medicine for anemia and menstrual problems as well.

There is a saying that one quail egg is equal in nutrients to five chicken eggs. It is indeed true that quail’s eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs. However, it is not advisable to consume them in huge quantities. You could eat up to 4-6 eggs a day for two – three days in a week.

Quail eggs which contain 13% protein and 140 % vitamin B are an excellent remedy for asthma and cough. They are storehouses of vitamins A, B6 and B 12. It has lesser calories with only 80 calories in 50 grams quail egg. Soup made with quail eggs would provide instant relief for fever and cold.

Quail eggs are consumed as a medicine for anemia and menstrual problems as well. As they are rich in potassium and iron, it helps in the formation of new blood cells. The iron in it acts as a remedy for the menstrual problems in women. This is also excellent for the health of the blood vessels and improves the rate of hemoglobin.

The loss of potassium may cause many diseases like heart ailments, blood pressure, arthritis, stroke and cancer. Including quail eggs in the diet may reduce the chances of such diseases.

Quail eggs are excellent for improving eye sight and brain development and it increases appetite as well. Its anti – inflammatory properties would fight the joint pains, persisting coughs and diseases on wind pipe. Quail eggs are excellent alternative for those who are allergic to chicken eggs.

Though the quail eggs have many health benefits, it is not good to eat them too much. If consumed in high quantities, it may increase the level of protein intake which is more than what is required for the body. This too may lead to many other diseases.