10 common mistakes people commit while pursuing weight loss

The normal waist size for a healthy woman is 80 centimetres and it is 90 centimetres for men.

For many, obesity has become a matter of looks than something that severely affects their health. From body shaming to not being able to fit into their favourite outfits or giving up delicious delicacies, overweight people has to go through lots of struggle. In a bid to lose weight in a very short time, many follow fad diets or unhealthy eating practices that may eventually affect their health and well being. Fitness experts say that it is not the body weight that needs to be reduced but the waist size. The normal waist size for a healthy woman is 80 centimetres and it is 90 centimetres for men.

These are the 10 common mistakes done by those who are trying to shed weight

Lose weight by reducing food intake

Reducing the quantity of food or limiting the daily food intake to just one or two meals is the most common method followed by those who are trying to shed a few kilos. When it doesn’t get sufficient food, the body instantly reacts by increasing the appetite. If the person continues to diet, ignoring the hunger pangs, then the body lowers the metabolic activities to save as much energy as possible. This may lead to fatigue, exhaustion and lethargy. But, the body weight still remains stubborn.

In case the person persists and the body doesn’t get the required energy from food, it begins to absorb protein from the muscles to generate energy. Though the body gets slimmer then, the fat deposits wouldn’t reduce. Lower amount of protein in the muscles may lead to cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

Eating eggs can increase weight

It is the good old eggs that often find the way out once you decide to lose weight. There is a common myth that eggs would make you gain weight. Rich in amino acids and protein, eggs are essential to maintain a well balanced diet. The protein improves the metabolism and control appetite as well. This creates a feeling that the stomach is filled and prevents you from over eating. So, eggs, in minimal quantities should be included in a balanced diet if you are looking to shed kilos.

Avoid breakfast

There are lots of people who falsely believe that the body weight would soon go down if breakfast is skipped. However, they don’t realize that it may cause more harm than good. The body requires a healthy and filling breakfast to take on the day on an energetic note. It is the first meal in the morning that breaks the long hours of fasting while sleeping at night. If the body doesn’t get that, it would affect the metabolic activities. This may cause fatigue and lack of concentration. If the breakfast is skipped, there is a chance that you may eat a heavy lunch. Those who are trying to reduce weight can eat a wholesome breakfast that includes carbohydrates and protein.

Low fat products are healthy

Though low on fat, these food items are loaded with sugar and starch. There is no point in eating low fat food items in huge quantities thinking that they are healthier as they are low in fat. It is important to keep in mind that any food item, if consumed in huge quantities, may get converted into fat.

Fad diets

There are lots of people who choose instant diets or fad diets to quickly shed some kilos. However, such diets may affect the overall health of the body. Following such diets, without the guidance of nutrition experts may lead to nutrient deficiency. This may reduce the immunity power of the body and lead to many diseases.

Instant weight loss

Many would be very happy if they could easily shed 8 – 10 kilos in just a month. However, it is not possible to shed weight that easily. With proper diet and rigorous work outs, you could shed up to 4 kilos in a month. Trying to reduce more weight than that could be dangerous. Trying to reduce too much weight in less time would lead to anthemia or irregular heart rhythms and other heart ailments.

Weight loss medication

Lots of medicines and pills were available in the market that promised instant weight loss without actually following any diets or work outs. However, such medicines are not prescribed anymore as it has been proved that they may lead to depression. Though there are some medicines that could make the intestine absorb less fat, only up to 30% fat could be reduced like that. Our staple food mostly comprises carbohydrates and not fat. So, these medicines would be effective only if the person consumes 50% fat. It should be kept in mind that taking medications is not an alternative for diet or work outs.

Any exercise would do

It is a common misconception that weight could be reduced by doing any form of exercise or physical activity. However, it must be noted that aerobic exercises are more effective to shed weight. Brisk walking, running, swimming, and dancing are some of the most common aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are those workouts that could be done for 20 minutes or more by rhythmically moving all the major muscles in the body. The heartbeats, while doing the aerobic exercises, should be 50 – 70% of the optimum heart beat level of each person. The above mentioned exercises could be done in the anaerobic way as well. However, it would be effective only if is done in the aerobic way.

Sweating is important

There is a common myth that one should continue the workout until he/she sweats. However, you would easily sweat in the summers while it would take more time to sweat during the winters. So, the intensity of sweating or the time taken to sweat is not the scale for your workout regime. However, if your heartbeat rate increases while doing the aerobic exercises, you could understand that the workout has reached the anaerobic stage.

Exercise alone can lose weight

Working out regularly and then eating to your heart’s content wouldn’t really work in the weight loss scheme. Around 100 calories are burned when you exercise for half an hour. Proper weight loss happen when food too is controlled along with the exercises. A well balanced diet, in controlled quantities and calories, should be strictly followed to reduce the body weight.