This fruit in your backyard can keep you in perfect shape

Papaya could be eaten in required quantities along with your regular meals.

Are you looking for some fad diets that would help you shed body weight in less time? Nutrition experts say that including papaya in the regular diet is an easy way to shed some extra kilos. Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals and has very less calories which make it the perfect food for your weight loss regime.

Papaya helps the body absorb all the nutrients easily. It is in fact the papaya seeds that cause the weight loss. It flushes out the toxins from the body and regulates the metabolism. Meanwhile, the fibers in it ease the digestive process.

Many studies have revealed that the papaya seeds prevent the body from absorbing too much fat. You could consume the papaya seeds as they are or as a paste. You should follow the papaya diet properly to see results. Papaya could be eaten in required quantities along with your regular meals.

Begin your day with a glass of skimmed milk and a huge bowl of papaya salad. This is a healthy and nutritious breakfast that gives you the energy to begin the day on an amazing note. For lunch, you could eat whole grains and steamed vegetables. Complete it with a glass of fresh papaya juice.

A rich and nutritious papaya smoothie prepared with some nuts could be your mid meal snack. For dinner, enjoy a bowl of hot and refreshing soup with a few pieces of papaya.

You could follow the papaya diet for two or three days in 2 – 3 months to detox your body and to shed the body weight.