Never take honey, ghee together: Know these incompatible foods

According to Ayurveda, milk, curd, buttermilk and fish are contradictory food items.

Most Keralites like to have fresh curd or buttermilk with piping hot rice, for lunch. Though delicious, the warm and sour yoghurt can increase the phlegm, biles, blood impurities and swelling as well. Ayurveda states that curd should not be consumed at night. Besides, it is unhealthy to heat up curd before eating. Including curd in the diet during the spring and the autumn seasons too may cause many health problems.

Green grams, honey, ghee, sugar and gooseberries apparently go well with yoghurt.

Ayurveda strictly says that yoghurt should be used only after it has coagulated completely. As per the ayurvedic rules, buttermilk is a food item that is light on the stomach and can be used as a remedy for phlegm, rheumatism, swelling, piles and irritable bowels. This slightly sour and bitter food item can increase appetite as well.

Say no to curd and fish together

According to Ayurveda, milk, curd, buttermilk and fish are contradictory food items that should not be eaten together. Eating these foods together may lead to skin diseases. Milk becomes incompatible not with fish alone, but sour fruits as well. So, milk shakes made with oranges or mangoes, that are available in the markets when not in season, should be avoided. No vegetable should be combined with milk. Horse gram, millets and radishes too wouldn’t go well with milk or curd. This apparently may lead to skin diseases or irritations. However, it must be noted that these incompatible foods create health problems only if one consumes it often on a regular basis and not if they are consumed once or twice.

Though it is common belief that milk and honey are incompatible foods, experts say that it is nowhere mentioned in Ayurveda. However, honey should not be used with ghee. Ayurveda states pippali or long Indian pepper as the remedy for lactose intolerance.