Drink green coffee if you are trying to lose weight

Green coffee is known for its incredible health benefits

Most people love to begin their day on a refreshing note by sipping a cup of hot coffee. Some have become so addicted to coffee that they cannot even function properly without getting their daily dose of the energizing caffeine. However, have you heard about the green coffee that is known for its incredible health benefits including shedding a few kilos?

Unlike the regular coffee beans, the green coffee beans are not roasted. Besides, these contain a higher amount of chlorogenic acid which has many amazing health benefits. The amount of this compound gets reduced when the green coffee beans are roasted.

The chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans acts as anti oxidants which helps reduce body weight. Besides, it controls the blood pressure and sugar levels as well. The green coffee should be consumed without adding milk or sugar.

Weight loss

A study published in the Journal of Innovative Research says that the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee acts as a magic compound that helps shed body weight. This removes the unnecessary fat from the body.

Improves metabolism

The body weight reduces when the metabolic rate improves. The chlorogenic acid helps increase the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This reduces the amount of glucose from the liver spreading into the blood. Instead of glucose, the body begins to burn the extra fat deposits. This in turn reduces the body weight significantly.

Reduces appetite

Overeating could be one of the major reasons for weight gain and obesity. Drinking green coffee reduces the appetite, thereby helping you refrain from overeating. Regular consumption of green tea reduces the fat and carbohydrate deposits in the body.

Reduces sugar absorption

Green coffee reduces the absorption of sugar in the small intestine. This lowers the amount of sugar in the body that may deposit as fat.

When to drink?

Though green coffee could be consumed at any time, it would be more effective if you drink it after eating food. Protein and carbohydrates reach body from the food and increase the glucose level in body; so drinking green coffee after eating would not increase the blood sugar level rapidly. You could add honey or cinnamon to enhance the flavour of green coffee.