Neck pain from computer use? Trikonasana can give you relief

Engaging regularly in Trikonasana helps a person cure himself or herself of stiffening arms and legs.

Using desktop computer, laptop or tablet these days is a common affair. A side-effect of working on these gadgets is pain in the neck region. In fact, there are very few IT professionals who don’t suffer from this condition. Practicing the the yoga exercise, ‘Trikonasana’, regularly offers a solution.

Method of Trikonasana

Stand straight keeping legs closer. Also keep both arms close to the body. Slowly, move the legs apart so that they are at least three feet away from each other. Breath in slowly raising both arms till they are parallel to the ground with the palms facing down.

Exhale and bend sideways to the left and make the left hand touch the left foot. In the meantime, right arm should be pointing straight up and the face should be turned towards the right hand.

Breath in again straightening the body. Bring both the arms parallel to the ground again. While breathing out, bend to the right slowly and place the right hand on the right foot. Raising the left arm up. The face should be turned to the left.

Inhale once more and straighten the body even as you bring both the arms parallel to the ground and the palms facing down. This procedure can be repeated five to eight times. Special attention needs to be given to keep arms and legs straight during the entire Yoga session.

Benefits of Trikonasana

Engaging in Trikonasana regularly helps a person cure himself or herself of stiffening arms and legs. The yoga posture also strengthens the muscles, blood vessels and nerves on the shoulders, neck, waist and chest. It loosens the vertebrae in the neck region and facilitates smooth blood circulation. Relief from any burning sensation felt in the arms is yet another benefit of practicing Trikonasana.