Practise padmasana, keep gas trouble away

Padmasana is ideal for preventing gas trouble.

Gas trouble usually bothers people who have low digestion. Those who have good digestive condition do not suffer from this problem. To avoid gas trouble, food that is beneficial should be taken. It should be ensured that food is chewed properly while eating.

While having meals, do not drink water. Food kept in the refrigerator and stale dishes have to be avoided along with items fried in oil and those prepared with excessive amounts of spices and chillies. The mind should be calm and peaceful while having food. There has to be no place for agitation.

Ideally, tea and coffee need to be avoided. Liquor, tobacco products, meat, pulses, Bengal gram and certain varieties of fruits cause gas trouble. Similarly, keep away from food with added colours, ajinomoto (MSG - Monosodium Glutamate) and refined flour (maida).

To avoid gas trouble, do not sit in the same position for a long time. Similarly, do not stand for a significant period. Use of unwanted medicines also aggravates this malady. A systematic lifestyle and food habits can prevent gas trouble along with yoga. This would also help people face any situation. The yoga that counters the issue is ‘Padmasana’.

How to practise the yoga

Sit with both legs extended. Slowly fold the right leg and place it over the left thigh. Similarly, fold the left leg and place it above the right thigh. Now both the heels should be close to the lower abdomen. Meanwhile, place both hands on the knees of the respective side. In this position, take in a deep breath and exhale.

After some time, reverse the position of the both feet. When discomfort is felt, the earlier position can be adopted. Repeat this process 1-2 times.

Effect of the yoga

Padmasana facilitates the proper functioning of the ‘internal air’ in the body. The yoga is an ideal remedy for ulcer and gas trouble. It enables effective blood circulation around the waist and lower abdomen. The circulation and breathing are moderated. The vitality of the body is also retained. In addition, relief can be obtained from a burning sensation in the chest area, feeling of sourness, belching and tremors in the abdominal region.

The yoga goes a long way in making the mind strong. Another benefit is proper functioning of the rectum. The sturdiness necessary for this area also develops.