Say goodbye to headache with this yoga exercise

‘Bhadrasana’ ideal yoga for headache.

Headache is an issue faced by people whose work involves giving strain to the eyes as well as body. The problem of tension headaches can be solved within a few months by regular yoga, moderating food and a healthy lifestyle. The yoga ideal for the purpose is ‘Bhadrasana’.

The following is the method to practice Bhadrasana:

Sit on the floor with both legs stretched forward. Place each hand on the respective leg with the palm facing downwards. The back should be straight during this time.

Slowly fold both legs with the soles of the feet kept closely. Bring the feet slowly close to buttocks. Open the legs apart and press the face of the feet against each other as if in a praying pose. Meanwhile, hold the feet with the hands and bring them closer still to the buttock region.

Slowly exhale and try to lean forward as if trying to touch the floor with the forehead. Inhale and raise yourself. Repeat this action 8-10 times. Both knees should be pressed to the floor while engaging in this movement.

Changes witnessed

When this yoga is practiced, the brain and nervous system would function normally. Nutrient-filled blood would reach the brain and cool it.

The eyes too would be cooled, giving a relief from the headache. One can feel energetic and active all the time. Another benefit is improved vitality.