How this Thrissur woman lost not just weight but belly fat too

Sindhu found success in losing tummy fat after she joined the weight loss challenge on Facebook.

The big problem that Sindhu, a woman hailing from Thrissur, had been facing was tummy fat. She tried all methods, including dieting, but the flab around the stomach refused to go away even when she lost considerable weight. Friends and relatives began asking whether she was pregnant. Sindhu, who now lives in Doha, then realized that she had to do something very drastic. Finally, her efforts paid off.

Sindhu reveals the secret of her success in the battle against belly fat.

While in college, Sindhu was of average weight and even after her wedding not much had changed. However, after the first pregnancy, she began putting on weight. But Sindhu resorted to dieting within four-five months as she was aware of the consequences of gaining weight and was generally a health-conscious person.

After her second delivery too, she reduced weight the same way, but noticed that though her body weight came down, the fat in the belly area remained. She received comments on another pregnancy during this time and resolved to cut that flab anyhow.

She heard about parlour in Thrissur but learnt that they had discontinued the programme. A surgery was suggested but Sindhu did not take that risk.

The young woman soon learnt about the Weightloss Challenge on Facebook and also read about its success stories on Manorama Online. Finally, she joined its new batch in February. At that time Sindhu weighed 55 kg. In four months, she became 51 kg. But the loss of tummy fat was considerable. Her abdomen came down from 90 to 68. She can now wear any dress she likes as there is no bulge in the stomach area. Workouts and diets are part of her life.

In weightloss challenge, participants eat and lose weight, says Sindhu. They only avoid junk food and sweets and engage in workouts. The exercise spreads a positive energy, adds Sindhu.

Even though she was initially apprehensive about the weightloss challenge, everything turned out well, says a happy Sindhu.