Path-breaking thyroid surgery carried out at hospital in Kottayam

SH centre medical team
The medical team that conducted the surgical procedure.

Kottayam: The SH Medical Centre here has successfully performed an advanced surgical procedure called ‘trans oral endoscopic thyroidectomy’ to remove a affected thyroid. It involves removing the thyroid through a keyhole incision made inside the mouth, as a result of which there will be no visible scars of a surgery on the skin.

The patient, a 36-year-old woman hailing from Erumely, had her 4 cm-long thyroid surgically removed utilizing this method. As the incisions made inside the mouth heal without scars, this procedure leaves no sign of a surgical procedure.

SH Medical Centre is in fact the second hospital in Kerala to carry out this procedure after a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, said director of the hospital, Sr. Alice Manianghattu. The doctors who performed the surgery said that an advanced ICG laparoscopic machine was utilized for the purpose.

The medical team that conducted the surgery included Dr Bibin P Mathew, Dr Kiran K, Dr Jayachandrababu, anaesthetist Dr Santhosh Zacharia, Dr Annie Vinaya, C Sowmya, Suresh and Saranya.

Four years ago, the same team had successfully carried out a keyhole surgery to remove a thyroid by making an incision in the armpit area for the first time in Kottayam. Following which, Dr Bibin P Mathew was invited to present a paper on this surgical procedure at a conference of surgeons held in Japan.