Please never skip tamarind, it has amazing health benefits

Tamarind is a tasty and nutritious fruit

Tamarind is a tasty and nutritious fruit that goes by the scientific name of Tamarindus indica. It contains more Calcium, Vitamin E, C and B as well as minerals compared to other fruits.

In fact, 100 g of tamarind extract contains 35 -170 mg of Calcium, 375 mg Potassium, Vitamin A 151.U, 0.16 mg Thiamine, 8-23.8 mg Tartaric acid, 54-110 mg Phosphorus, 3.10 g proteins, 92 g Magnesium and 0.07 mg Riboflavin.

The tender leaves of the tamarind tree are also nutritive and have 63 mg Sulfur and 101 mg Calcium.

Health benefits of tamarind

Tamarind is effective against all conditions affecting the heart. The fibres in the fruit check the LDL cholesterol in blood vessels while the Potassium reduces the stress in the vessels and controls blood pressure.

Checks diabetes: High amounts of sugar in the blood lead to diabetes. However, the Alpha-amylase contained in the tamarind blocks the absorption of carbohydrates that turn into sugar, controlling diabetes.

Resistance to diseases: Tamarind has excellent anti-oxidant qualities as well as anti-microbial and anti-septic characters. All this strengthens the body’s immune system.

Prevents sunstroke: Tamarind is effective against sunstroke, which occurs when the mercury level in the surroundings rises significantly. Taking tamarind extract along with cumin seeds cools down the body and helps prevent heat-related health conditions like sunstroke.

Helps in weight loss: Another benefit of tamarind is that it helps reduce body weight. This is because of the Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in the fruit that blocks the action of an enzyme that collects fat in the body. Moreover, it increases the level of serotonin, a neuro transmitter, resulting in lack of appetite.

Good for muscles and nerves: Vitamin B complex is present in tamarind in the form of Thiamine. It improves nerve functions and strengthens muscles.

Facilitates digestion: Tartaric acid, Malic acid and Potassium in tamarind are beneficial for the digestive system. The fruit also helps prevent diarrhoea as well as constipation.

Prevents ulcers: Regular use of tamarind prevents intestinal ulcers. The compounds contained in the sap of tamarind seeds can also check the incidence of ulcers.

Prevents cancer: As it is rich in anti-oxidants, tamarind has been found to be effective in destroying cancer cells.

Beats cold: Tamarind can also prevent conditions such as flu, cold etc. As it has anti-histaminic properties, tamarind is an effective check against asthma and allergy-related conditions.