Not tips, this doctor's trolls will save you from sunstroke

doctor's trolls
Dr Nelson Joseph, who is active on social media, has created trolls in Malayalam to make people aware of the need to adopt precautions.

Reports of rising temperatures and people suffering from sun strokes are regularly appearing in media. Yet, most people choose to ignore precautions against sunstroke. It is this context, Dr Nelson Joseph, who is active on social media, has created trolls in Malayalam to make people aware of the situation and how they could protect themselves from the heat.

As trolls are very popular among all sections of the people, the doctor hopes that his message would serve the purpose. The trolls explain through movie scenes the signs of sunstroke, who to deal with it, when to seek medical treatment, how to help another person who has suffered sunstroke and various preventive measures.

Signs of sunstroke

» Skin acquires an anaemic appearance

» Fatigue

» Vomiting sensation and dizziness

» Excessive sweating

» High rate of heartbeat

» Short, but fast breathing

» Muscle cramps.

If you face any of these situations, move to the nearest shade or cool place and take rest. Also drink plenty of water in which salt and sugar have been added. If there is no change in the condition even after 30 minutes, consult a doctor.

Situations needing immediate medical care

» Skin does not sweat even when it is hot and dry

» Loss of sense of place and time and falling unconscious

» Severe headache

» Vomiting

» Breathlessness

How to help a person who suffered sunstroke

» Immediately shift the person to a shade

» Remove the clothes

» If saliva or froth is seen around the mouth or nose, clean it

» Repeatedly wipe the person with cold water. The person can also be wrapped in a sheet which was immersed in water. Ice cubes can be placed on various parts of the body, especially the armpits and thighs.

» Cool the person’s body with a fan

» Massage hands and feet, which would prevent loss of heat

» Rush the patient to a hospital as early as possible

Preventive measures

» Drink two-three litres of water every day to prevent dehydration and fatigue. Boiled water cooled to room temperature, rice gruel or lemon juice with a pinch of salt etc. are ideal.

» Reduce intake of tea and coffee. Avoid artificial beverages, beer and liquor. These drinks provide temporary relief, but would later cause severe thirst and health problems.

» Include plenty of fruits, vegetables and leaves in the daily diet. Consume meat in moderate amounts

» Avoid physical exercise and sports activities in open spaces when the mercury level is high

» Ensure that exposure to direct sunlight does not take place between 11 am and 3 pm. In case you have to go outdoors, use an umbrella.

» Avoid nylon and polyester clothes and wear loose cotton dresses

» Seek medical help if suffering from fever or fatigue that persists for a long period

» If there are children or elderly people in the house, ensure that they too follow these instructions.