Adding 25 kilo in 2 years: Weight gain is arduous too, says this teacher

Weight gain
Vivek embarked on a suitable diet to gain weight.

It is common for people to engage in strenuous efforts to reduce weight. However, when somebody works hard to increase his or her weight, it should also be news. Vivek Sharma, a teacher by profession, did just that.

Vivek, who earlier weighed a mere 38 kg, has touched 63 kg now, thanks to his determination and diligent efforts. In other words, it is not easy to gain weight.

The 26-year-old took the decision to add weight after being fed up with comments which likened him to ‘skin and bones’ and ‘a teacher who looks like the rib of a coconut leaf’. Moreover, Vivek was so thin that he even found it difficult to find pants of 26-inch waist size. This had caused an inferiority complex in him.

Having determined to look plump, Vivek embarked on a suitable diet. For breakfast, Vivek had a banana and a glass of unskimmed milk. His lunch comprised fruit juice, one bowl of ‘dal’, two chapathis and plenty of vegetables. For supper, Vivek took one bowl of dal, green vegetables, a glass of milk and chapathi. He also went on a half-an-hour walk every morning.

Vivek avoided junk food and preferred fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts to put on weight. More amounts of milk rich in fat and butter were included in the diet.

Sticking to this regimen for a couple of years, Vivek increased his weight significantly. He now weighs 63 kg.

Though he has achieved his goal, Vivek still continues his routine.