Living with third heart: This techie is celebrating life

Living with third heart: This techie is celebrating life
Actor Jayasurya listens to the heartbeats Gireesh Kumar.

Kochi: Actor Jayasurya was thrilled to hear the heartbeats of Gireesh Kumar, an IT professional hailing from Palakkad. It was, in fact, Gireesh’s third heart. A function was organized to celebrate five years of Gireesh’s life with his latest heart.

Jayasurya was surprised at hearing everything and the doctors also told him that Gireesh Kumar’s life was a medical miracle.

A Wipro employee in Bengaluru, Gireesh’s first heart transplant took place when he was 38 years old. He was suffering from a condition called dilated cardio myopathy in which the heart expands beyond a certain limit. Gireesh also had a disease called chronic ankylosing spondylitis and had to undergo hip replacement surgery after a few months.

As he was returning to normal life, Gireesh was diagnosed with infection to his heart valve and was admitted in Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam. While in the hospital, Gireesh suffered a heart attack and was shifted to the ventilator.

Soon Dr Jose Chacko Periyapuram received a message regarding the availability of a heart that could be transplanted on Gireesh. The relatives of an Alappuzha native who was brain dead had expressed their willingness to donate his heart.

Gireesh received a fresh lease of life as the result of a surgery that lasted nearly 10 hours. It was on the fifth anniversary of this transplant at Lisie Hospital that Jayasurya took part. Others who were present on the occasion included assistant directors Fr Ajo Muthedan, Fr Anto Chalisery, Fr Joseph Makkothakkatt and medical superintendent Dr Babu Francis.