Some health tips to survive scorching summer

Some health tips to survive scorching summer
People find it very difficult to cope with extreme weather as mercury levels keep soaring this summer.

The searing hot weather is making life a hell for all and one cannot even venture outdoors during noon. However, there will be some relief from the extreme weather by following some health measures.

How to bring mercury level down indoors

1) Windows can be kept open to improve circulation inside the house. But there should be precaution while doing so.

2) When wet cloth is spread over the open windows, the hot wind blowing indoors can be cooled

3) Fronds of coconut trees or grass can be spread on the terrace and kept wet.

4) Earthen vessels filled with water kept indoors will bring down room temperature.

5) A vessel with ice cubes placed under the fan also helps reduce heat as the ice melts and cool vapour is formed.

6) Switch on lights only when absolutely necessary. CPL lights emit less heat.

7) Paint the roof white or lay a coat of white cement there.

8) Maintain plants inside the house, either in pots or bottles.

9) Mop the floor with water.

Store medicines well

1) When the mercury level rises, many drugs become less effective unless properly stored. The package gives instructions on storing each drug.

2) Some drugs undergo chemical change when coming into contact with direct sunlight. Keep such medicines away from the sun.

3) The ideal place to store medicines is a wooden shelf. The temperature inside a glass shelf will be high.

4) Drugs like ointments should not be stored in a plastic cover or box. If the mercury rises above 30 degrees Celsius, they may melt.

Taking care of plants

1) Items like coconut husk, parts of coconut fronds, grass, dry leaves and chopped stem of the banana plant can be spread below plants. This applies to plants grown in grow-bags too.

2) Drip irrigation can be practiced which saves water

3) Watering can be done twice a day – a little water in the morning and evening.

4) Water mixed with cow dung can be used to water the plants. Dried cow dung expels heat.

5) To check attacks by pests which take place during summer, neem oil and crushed extract of garlic can be used.

On guard against snakes

When heat becomes intense, wild fires and blazes in shrubbery become frequent. This makes the snakes living in these areas seek refuge in houses and other places where people live. The reptiles would be seen inside the house, in rooms where firewood is stored and also in wells. Officials of the Forest Department say that they regularly capture snakes from such areas during the summer months.

Following steps can be taken to tackle threat from creepy creatures:

1) Logs of firewood should be stacked properly while storing them, instead of keeping haphazardly.

2) The rope used to draw water from a well should not be allowed to hang into water while not in use. Remove it from the well.

3) Avoid hanging potted plants outside doors and windows. If you are insistent in this regard, hang them at a safe distance.

4) Chop off branches of trees that come in contact with the house.

5) Snakes can enter the house through drain pipes in wash rooms. Cover such holes with a mesh.

6) Before entering a parked vehicle, check the interiors.