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Last Updated Wednesday May 22 2019 05:25 PM IST

Panacea potion | Remedies to offset monsoon illnesses

Dr Dhanya Dilip
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Panacea potion | Remedies to offset monsoon illnesses

As June approaches, it is time for the onset of monsoon. From the scorching sun and blazing heat, it is a welcome diversion to wind and rain. But what accompanies rains is many types of fevers and illnesses. Earlier, when farming was the only source of livelihood, the monsoon time was one of rejuvenation. The human body, having been exposed to the summer heat, is weakened and upon the temporary cooling of the earth, the metabolism is suddenly impeded. This causes further weakening. Hence the body needs:

1. Detoxification: The season begins with cleansing. Hence, oleation or external body massages and internal ghee consumption followed by purgation and enema will help improve metabolism.


2. Diet: Soon after detoxification, it is advised to take in something light as Moong dal curry, rice with ghee, and meat soups. Meals prepared with an old stock of rice, barley, and wheat are helpful. The cereal ages the endosperm and hence more of the fibre is utilised by the body. This enables better digestion and reduces acidity and indigestion. Wines made with certain herbs are advised to be had.


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Foods that are preferably sour, salty, warm and light can be taken. The salt and sour components increase the digestive fire and thus aids in proper digestion. It helps in the sustenance of the metabolic rate. Foods that are sweet need to minimised. Sweet foods pave way for microorganic growth, making the body more prone to infections. Fruits are to be had in lesser quantities or even nil. Honey is the advised sweet after a meal. Honey is an immuno-booster.

3. Water: Even though waterbodies would be filled with fresh rainwater, it is advised to take it boiled. Having a litre of tulsi water will help enhance your immunity during the season. Wash the fruits and vegetables and your hands in triphala water.


4. Routine: Along with regular oil bath, the body needs to be massaged with herbal powders such as triphala or neem leaves. This will help increase circulation and give the body an external anti-viral protection.


Sleeping on the floor during this season can cause an aggravation in arthritic conditions. Applying rasnadi choorna on the vertex and sniffing the powder is also essential to lessen the chances of any phlegm accumulation. Rasnadi choorna, a mix of powdered herbs and minerals, is a potent anti-viral drug. Hence, sniffing the powder helps clear the nasal passages.

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5. Steaming: Influenzas are the most common conditions seen during this season. This common cold weakens the immune system and makes the body more susceptible to fevers and other ailments. Hence, steaming is a very essential routine to be followed. Steaming with ajwain leaves and also chewing them will help clear the sinuses. The steam with tulsi will help keep infections at bay.


6. Fumigation: Fumigating your place of dwelling also helps keep the home microbial free. The steam from this also warms the place. Fumigation with herbs from your garden, such as basil and lemon grass, helps provide the necessary protection.


These simple yet powerful regimes will help keep at bay the various viral fevers that pop up during monsoon.

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