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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 10:33 AM IST

Practical tips to keep body odour at bay

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Body Odour

Sweat and its accompanying body odour are unpleasant summer sensations. Sweat by itself is not smelly. Then what brings on that stink around you, especially if you are the sweaty sort? It is the bacteria in the skin that does the dirty work. When the bacteria mix with the sweat, noxious chemicals get released causing the body to emit an unpleasant odour.

Apart from this, the apocrine glands concentrated around the perianal region, external genitalia and under the armpits, produce pheromones which increase the odour in these parts of the body. The problem becomes compounded in people who sweat excessively.

The following factors, which often rob people of their confidence, also contribute to the repelling body odour:

» Poor personal hygiene

» Obesity

» Certain types of food

» Alcohol use

» Diabetes

» Infection around the folds of the body

» Liver and kidney diseases

» Certain medications

How to fight body odour? Try the following remedies for a cool and clean summer body.

» Talcum powders can absorb body odour and anti-fungal creams and powders can bring relief to affected areas.

» Remove underarm hair at regular intervals as the fine hairs tend to be the breeding ground of bacteria.

» Avoid excessive use of onions, garlic and alcohol.

» Antiperspirant sprays and creams and anti-bacterial soaps are also recommended.

» Twice-a-day showers and wearing of loose-fitting clothes.   

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