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Last Updated Saturday August 18 2018 08:29 AM IST

Newborn's summer care: here is an A-Z list

Amrutha Menon P
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Baby Photo: Getty Images

Scorching summer takes a toll on skin and health of adults and babies alike. Their skin being extra sensitive requires a lot of care and attention, especially during the initial days of birth. Here's a list of baby routine you need to keep in mind during the summers.

Bathing and grooming

Baby Photo: Getty Images

Bath your baby in mild hot water, preferably in the morning. Instead of using heated water, try warming it by exposing it to sunlight in an open vessel. This would be the ideal temperature for the baby's skin. In case you are mixing hot water, make sure you test the temperature with your elbow to avoid scald injuries.

Towel dry your baby and wrap her/him immediately.

Baby Photo: Getty Images

Apply baby creams/moisturiser/talcum powder as per the instruction of your doctor.

Avoid using diapers during summer days. If changing cloths are inconvenient, restrict use of diapers to night alone and check it at regular intervals. Cotton is the best material to use as a home-made diaper.

Baby feet Photo: Getty Images

Wipe the baby using a wet towel during the dusk. You should take care not to bathe them often, which will result in losing the natural moisture fast.

Baby massage Photo: Getty Images

Use home made coconut milk or oil to give your baby a pre-bath massage - take the help of your paediatrician if you don't know the proper way to massage babies.

Coconut milk will help prevent problems of prickly heat. Avoid resorting to wrong traditional practices.

Coconut milk Photo: Getty Images

Consult your doctor before giving your baby a massage with turmeric and other herbal mixtures.

Exposing baby to mild sunlight in early morning can help gain Vitamin D, make sure that the room is well ventilated and you catch the sun early into business.

Feeding the baby

Baby feeding Photo: Getty Images

Do not give water to newborns unless your doctor instructed so due to various medical reasons.

The number of breastfeeding might increase during summer times stay alert to meet your baby's demand.

Nap time

Baby nap Photo: Getty Images

Put your baby to sleep in dim light. Blue light soothes eyes the best.

The temperature might be soaring, but maintain a comfortable room temperature while exposing your baby to AC, cooler or fans.

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