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Last Updated Monday August 20 2018 10:27 AM IST

Diabetes day special: Managing diabetes during pregnancy vital to good health

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Gestational diabetes (GDM) is very common among Malayalees. Two out of every 10 pregnancies are GDM. Accepting scientific treatment for GDM is absolutely essential for the future health of mother and child. It is mandatory to get treated at a diabetes speciality centre and receive advice from diabetologist, diabetes nurse educators, and dietitians.

Post meal blood sugars need to be maintained below 120 mg/dL. Since sugars change each day, regular monitoring and adoption of customised diet, exercise, and safe insulin injections are mandatory whenever necessary.

Since 60-70% of GDM develop type 2 diabetes after a couple of years, maintenance of adequate weight and doing exercise are pivotal to prevention.

Type-2 diabetes is fairly common among Keralite women. Abdominal obesity, irregular food intake, and reluctance to take care of own health while caring for the family are all common reasons for the higher occurrence of diabetes and subsequent complications. Men and children in the family should take the lead to treat diabetes of women and prevent them from developing leg ulcers, heart attacks, blindness, kidney disease etc.

If diabetes is completely ignored for 10 years or more, there are chances of sexual dysfunction setting in. Men may develop erectile dysfunction and women can have pain during intercourse. So, addressing the basic disease, diabetes, is most important.

Type-1 diabetes results from almost complete destruction of insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. It can happen at any age but it is more common in children. Four or more insulin injections/day, insulin pumps, artificial pancreas, 6-8 blood tests/day, continuous glucose monitoring etc are several modalities of treatment to be adopted.

Failure to adequately treat type-1 diabetes can be fatal. With newer modalities of therapy, these subjects can lead a normal life.

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