At home under lockdown: Try these aromas at different spots

Fragrances have the ability to stimulate human emotions in many ways.

For most people, staying indoors was something that was unthinkable, at least until lockdown came into being. As there is no way, other than to stay inside to combat the coronavirus pandemic, people are trying their best to make their lockdown days as enjoyable as possible and less annoying. Kerala has already shifted to the ‘work from home’ mode and it has become vital to keep one's spirits up during these overwhelming times. Counselling experts have laid down numerous methods to ward off adverse impacts of the lockdown, which keep families indoors for such a long period, for a definite cause.

Now, studies have revealed that smells inside the house are major triggers for mood swings. So, you could make your lockdown days more pleasant and peaceful by making your homes smell amazing.

Fragrance and mood swings

Fragrances have the ability to stimulate human emotions in many ways. However, each fragrance should be used in a way which suits the situation. Fragrances are not just pleasant smells that appeal to our olfactory senses but a key to our mental and emotional rhythm.

Citrus aromas like orange and lemon can ease your stress and help you relax. The subtle yet mesmerizing lavender fragrance can soothe you emotionally. Meanwhile, jasmine relaxes the nervous system and improves confidence and optimism. Studies show that these fragrances can lift your moods and fill you with renewed energy.

The calming rose fragrance has the ability to improve concentration and eases headaches and muscle cramps. Besides, it can increase your memory power and keeps away fatigue. Meanwhile, the earthy smell of cinnamon can relieve you from mental and emotional stress. Incredibly fresh and herbal, the mint flavour can make you feel energetic and at ease as well. Besides, it stimulates the brain activities and helps you gain clarity of thoughts.

Some home tips


An ultra sonic diffuser could be used to fill the bedroom with pleasant fragrance and elegant lighting as well. Pillow mists in lavender or fennel flavours could help you relax and sleep well. A small jar containing scented sachets could be placed in a corner of the room.


One or two tea lights and ceramic diffusers in the lemon grass flavour could make your bathroom look and smell amazing.


Citrus fragrances suit kitchens best. Boil some water in a pan with a few wedges of citrus fruits, lavender essence and herbs like mint to make the kitchen smell fresh.

Living area

Choose your favourite spot in the living room and place lush green and fragrant plants or some aromatic candles that come in beautiful glass bowls or containers.


Hang a candle holder that has the fragrance of tuber rose to make your evenings relaxing and enjoyable.


You could grow a few sprigs of lemon grass along with the other plants in your garden. Sprinkling some water mixed with lemon grass extract too would help.

Smell and brain activities

The nerves in our body and the limbic system in the brain are directly connected. The limbic system is a set of complex structures that controls emotion, memories and arousal and controls bodily functions as well. It means that fragrances and smells can easily influence our moods and emotions.

Aroma therapy is a holistic treatment that is often prescribed to those who complain that they lack concentration or are always irritated and annoyed. Some aromas can activate the hypothalamus in the brain and thereby send signals to various parts of the body. The hormones produced by the hypothalamus can regulate the body temperature and control appetite, thirst, mood swings and sexual arousal and can also release other hormones in the body. Besides, research has revealed that it can ease pains due to stress, muscle cramps and shoulder pain as well. Some fragrances also possess amazing anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.